Lossless and lossy compression

Lossless and lossy compression

There are two noteworthy groups of pressure strategies while considering the probability of reproducing precisely the first source. They are called lossless what’s more, lossy pressure.

Lossless compression

A pressure approach is lossless just in the event that it is conceivable to precisely reproduce the unique information from the compacted variant. There is no loss of any data amid the pressure I process. For instance, in Figure 1.3, the information string AABBBA is recreated after the execution of the pressure calculation taken after by the decompression al-gorithm.

Lossless pressure is called reversible pressure since the first information might be recouped flawlessly by decompression.



Lossless pressure methods are utilized when the first information of a source are important to the point that we can’t stand to lose any subtle elements. Cases of such source information are medicinal pictures, content and pictures saved for lawful reason, a few PC executable documents, and so forth.

Lossy compression

A pressure technique is lossy on the off chance that it isn’t conceivable to recreate the first precisely from the packed rendition. There are some irrelevant points of interest that may get lost amid the procedure of pressure.

The word unimportant here suggests certain necessities to the nature of the remade information.Figure 1.4 demonstrates an illustration where a long decimal number turns into a shorter guess after the pressure decompression process.


Lossy pressure is called irreversible pressure since it is difficult to recuperate the first information precisely by decompression.

Inexact reproduction might be alluring since it might prompt more successful pressure. In any case, it frequently requires a decent harmony between the visual quality and hearing frameworks work.

One essential inspiration for information pressure is to permit some proficient transmission of the information by means of a transmission channel. It is helpful, for the rest of this segment, to consider the coder-decoder stage that we said in the past segment. Clearly, the measure of information was confined by the limit of the transmission media, which is called data transfer capacity and estimated in bits every second.

Thinking about the impact of lossy pressure, there are two sorts of exemplary pressure issues of intrigue, in particular

Distortion-rate Problem : Given an imperative on transmitted information rate or then again stockpiling limit, the issue is to pack the source document at, or beneath,this rate however at the most astounding constancy conceivable.

Pressure in territories of phone message, computerized cell versatile radio and video-conferencing are cases of bending rate issues.

Rate- distortion Problem : 

Given the prerequisite to accomplish a certain pre-indicated constancy, the issue is to meet the necessities with as few bits every second as could be expected under the circumstances. Pressure in zones of CD quality sound and movie quality video are cases of rate-twisting issues.




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