Linux Wireless Network Drivers

Linux Wireless Network Drivers

Today, numerous remote system card makers utilize certain chipsets in their items. Some chipsets are recorded underneath.

Hermes AP

Hermes AP is a fixed adaptation of orinoco_cs that enables drivers to go about as passageways. You can download this driver from and get point by point data.


hostap_cs is a Prism II card driver. In any case, a portion of the new highlights are not the same as other Prism II card drivers. You can download this driver from the website and you can get to point by point references.


Atheros is the drive for 802.11a/b/g cards. You can download this driver from the webpage and access the point by point references.


This driver underpins numerous remote system cards. These incorporate the Lucent WaveLAN IEEE, Lucent Orinoco, Symbol Spectrum 24, and Apple AirPort (not supporting AirPort Extreme). Numerous Linux circulations incorporate this driver. While this driver bolsters Prism II cards, numerous highlights of the Prism II chip can’t be utilized with this driver. You can download this driver from and get point by point data.


Prism54 underpins Prism GT, Prism Duette, and Prism Indigo chip-based remote system drivers. You can download this driver from the website and get itemized knowledge.


wlan-ng is another Prism II card driver. This driver does not bolster a suite of remote systems administration instruments, yet it additionally brings its own usage. You can download this driver from ftp:/ get point by point knowledge.

Amid this audit, the D-Link DWL-G520 PCI card and Madwifi driver were utilized. As referenced over, the madwifi driver is intended to empower the utilization of remote system gadgets under Linux utilizing the atheros chipset, for example, the DWL-G520. Then again, there is a ndiswrapper alternative for gadgets that don’t have a driver intended for Linux.

As is known, remote system card makers consider the Windows working framework and build up a particular driver for Linux when creating drivers for their gadgets. Therefore, Linux drivers for these gadgets are being created by certain working gatherings or individuals. Then again, it is hard to build up a Linux driver for every gadget. Along these lines, the ndiswrapper venture has been executed. ndiswrapper engineers who are taking a shot at the remote system card Windows drivers under linux proposed to almost certainly work.

As the establishment of every Linux driver will be unique, the establishment of drivers is excluded in this investigation. In any case, since numerous gadgets can work under ndiswrapper, the ndiswrapper establishment and highlights will be quickly referenced.

ndiswrapper Kurulumu

As a matter of first importance, it is important to download the most recent rendition of ndiswrapper at The last form is 1.8. After the record ndiswrapper-1.8.tar.gz is downloaded, this document is replicated to the/usr/src registry. You should enter the accompanying directions after this procedure:

tar zxvf ndiswrappre-1.8.tar.gz

album ndiswrapper-1.8

make uninstall


The accompanying order must be kept running with root.

make introduce

After this procedure, ndiswrapper is introduced.

The Windows XP driver for the remote system gadget to be utilized at this stage should be downloaded. For this reason, precisely the brand and model of your gadget ought to be resolved.

The accompanying direction is entered for this activity.

On the off chance that a PCI gadget is utilized:

lspci spn

direction is executed. For this situation, if the framework has a USB gadget:


direction is executed.

In the wake of deciding the brand and model of the gadget, the Windows XP driver of the gadget is given. Numerous Windows drivers are in compacted records with zip or exe expansion. These drivers can be opened with the unfasten order under Linux. Taxi documents can be opened with cabextract and unshield programs.

In the wake of opening these compacted records, the documents with the augmentation inf and sys can be duplicated under any registry, however they ought to be replicated to a similar catalog. A few drivers may accompany firmware documents, so these records should likewise be duplicated into a similar index.

The accompanying order must be entered in the registry where these documents are replicated.

ndiswrapper programming interface driver.inf

This direction makes the way toward introducing the document with the augmentation of inf and sys and container expansion records asked for by this document. Distinguishing that the introduced driver is a substantial driver is comprehended by running the accompanying direction:

ndiswrapper –l

In the event that the driver introduced in the framework is a legitimate driver for the gadget, the accompanying message is gotten:

If the driver installed in the system is a valid driver for the device, the following message is received:

driver present, hardware present

If there is an incompatibility between the driver and the device, the following message is received.

driver present

If this description does not appear, then the Windows driver is not properly installed.

The following command is executed to run the ndiswrapper module.

modprobe ndiswrapper

If everything works properly, this command will run the wlan0 wireless network card. This makes wireless network card configurable with Wireless Tools.

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