Introduction Java Swing

Introduction Java Swing

This is a starting Swing instructional exercise. The reason for this instructional exercise is to kick you off with the Java Swing toolbox. The instructional exercise has been made and tried on Linux.

About Swing

Swing library is an official Java GUI toolbox discharged by Sun Microsystems. It is utilized to make Graphical UIs with Java.

Swing toolbox is:

  • stage free
  • adaptable
  • extensible
  • configurable
  • lightweight

Swing is a propelled GUI toolbox. It has a rich arrangement of gadgets. From essential gadgets like catches, names, scrollbars to cutting edge gadgets like trees and tables. Swing itself is written in Java.

Swing is a piece of JFC, Java Foundation Classes. It is an accumulation of bundles for making full highlighted work area applications. JFC comprises of AWT, Swing, Accessibility, Java 2D, and Drag and Drop. Swing was discharged in 1997 with JDK 1.2. It is a develop toolbox.

The Java stage has Java2D library, which empowers designers to make progressed 2D illustrations and imaging.

There are essentially two kinds of gadget toolboxs:

  • Lightweight
  • Heavyweight

A heavyweight toolbox utilizes OS’s API to draw the gadgets. For instance Borland’s VCL is a heavyweight toolbox. It relies upon WIN32 API, the inherent Windows application programming interface. On Unix frameworks, we have a GTK+ toolbox, which is based over X11 library. Swing is a lightweight toolbox; it paints its very own gadgets. Correspondingly does the Qt4 toolbox.


In 2008, another Java GUI toolbox was discharged. It was made so as to address new requests in graphical figuring, for example, propelled activitys and mulitouch bolster.

JavaFX is a product stage for creating and conveying rich web applications (RIAs) that can keep running over a wide assortment of gadgets. JavaFX is the cutting edge GUI toolbox for the Java stage. It is completely incorporated with ongoing adaptations of Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) and the Java Development Kit (JDK).

SWT library

There is likewise another outsider GUI library for the Java programming dialect. It is known as the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT). SWT library was at first created by the IBM partnership. Presently it is an open source venture kept up by the Eclipse people group. SWT is a case of a heavyweight toolbox. It lets the hidden OS to make the UI. SWT utilizes the Java local interface to carry out the responsibility. There is an instructional exercise devoted to SWT on ZetCode.

This was a prologue to Java Swing.

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