Earn $10 a day with ySense

Earn $10 a day with ySense

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I prepared this short guide for those who are curious about the task. the information I will write here will inform you about 0 level.

  • What is Task / Tasks / Cf /?
    Turkish definition by Tureng Online Dictionary,. Cf is the abbreviation of CrowdFlower.
  • Task came but does not show the amount to be paid at the entrance? Did I not get the task did I get paid?
  • Except for some tasks, the first task is opened as QUİZ mode (Quiz). This is the same for all levels. The purpose of this system is to reveal your ability to understand your love. If you pass the quiz mode with a rate of 75%, the next task is paid and you earn money as you do. Even after you complete each Quiz section, you may not be able to give the task even if you are successful. This is a general case that is not about you. You will not be able to receive payment for the QUIZ section. Some of the task opens as Work Mode There is no Quiz section and you get paid for the work you do on these tasks from the first entry .. There is a possibility that you will be Expelled in some of the tasks in Work Mode and in some others there is no possibility of Expelled, but don’t let that happen to you right away. I’m doing ‘check after work and if you do not have logical answers you can get a penalty (see: Admin Flag, Major Flag, Minor Flag)
  • I passed the Quiz screen I’m doing work mode tasks, but some are paid and some are not paid?

CF can sometimes lay down the fees for the task late (15-20 minutes, 1 hour later), sometimes all of them part-way. wait for a while If your problem persists after 1-2 hours, you can book your business with the ID number of the work – Ticket – Payments section.

-Exp, Acc, Ban, Flag, I often see them in the forum, what does it mean?

■ Exp is the abbreviation for Expelled. When a task continues in the Quiz section or in the normal task mode, it is called to expel you from the task due to a decrease in accuracy. It means dismissal or expulsion.
■ Acc is an abbreviation of Accuracy. Accuracy means that you increase / decrease your statistics per task you do right / wrong. and also the top 100% accuracy and the 90% Accuracy show you your success in that task. If you want to see your General Accuracy statistics. Sign In See this section.
■ Ban, In general, we all know the meaning here is no different. CrowFlower admins or moderators can ban your account in the event of an illegal job. This means that: Everly Brothers – Bye Bye Love – Original HQ Audio – You can’t use your YouTube account again, you have to open a new CF account.
■ Flag: Flag system is called for the CF management to impose a penalty for the work done when the employer’s criteria are not met. Minor, Major and Admin Flag are divided into 3 parts. In some tasks, Flag can be thrown due to the jobs sent earlier than the desired time. These parts have more 🙂

How do I activate my account?

  • Clixsense home page → Tasks → Complete Tasks will ask you for username information when you click this section. If you have already registered, enter your mail address and password. If you are a new user, you will want a facebook link before you. After you have connected to Facebook, you can ask you to log in again with your e-mail address. Enter the e-mail address you use in Facebook and log in with the password and log in to the task system. To check the accuracy of the transaction after login. Clixsense home → Tasks → Complete Tasks → Help → Visit Help Center → Click on Your User → Edit Profile. If you have a number under the Contributor ID against the Channels Section, you’ve done it right. This section may sometimes not be a number, even if you do it correctly or incorrectly, the system will give the site ID (ID number). Otherwise, do not panic immediately.
  • 0 Level task does not come what should I do?
  • This is a whole lot of luck. For this you need to wait for 8 months to 9 months or 1 week there are level areas. Chances are you can get 5 different tasks, 100 Task questions, 70% or above Accuracy level.
  • 0 Level task came now what should I do?

■ You must first be calm. The only thing necessary for you is calmness. Do not try to dissect this piece of information and go down to the bottom immediately. if you hurry this way, I suggest you stay away from task.
■ You opened the line and understood what you wanted and then you moved to the task section. you don’t need to be fast in this section

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