Beginning Cyptography

Beginning Cyptography

The main purpose of cryptographic applications is to protect the confidentiality and security of the communicating party against third parties (attackers).

The main aims of cryptology are:
1) Privacy
2) Integrity
3) Authentication
4) Not to deny

The information should not be understood by unwanted persons.
For a complete or single piece of data, a link is a guarantee that no changes have been made to the message as it was sent.
A transmission is a guarantee that the sender of a message is really the sender.
Not to deny
Your message can not be denied.

Classical Cryptology Methods

0x00 – Caesar Crypto Algorithm
0x01 – Affinity Crypto Algorithm
0x02 – Vigenere Crypto Algorithm
0x03 – RSA Crypto Algorithm
0x04 – ElGamal Crypto Algorithm

I would like to briefly discuss these algorithms with examples.

0x00 – Caesar Cipher Algorithm (Caesar Cipher) Briefly, it is a replacement algorithm.


As can be seen in the above, each letter is replaced by the next letter in the alphabet.



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